Treasure Map to your Soul – Original Poem

Amazing photo and words. Please read and enjoy the talented writer.

Recruiterpoet Blog


I study the lines on your face to discover this treasure map to your soul
There is no ending; no buried treasure
Just a lineage of centuries defined in romance

From the dark ages to the peak of the rising sun
It is a journey of discovery through the annals of time with a future of endless possibility
I hit a wall; but now through the penetration of your eyes, I break through

Sipping wine in the rose garden in an age of Victorian aristocracy
Waiting by the light flashing in the darkness of the ocean waiting for the sailor to come home
Reciting poetry in the pond to an audience of nature’s creatures

In a world of senseless acts of inhumanity you shine a light in this black hole of lost hope

Your kindness is the temple I seek
I bow at the entrance and lower my head in…

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