“Ribbons and gold”

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Ribbons and gold

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


With time we learn the real value of living.


                   Ribbons and gold.

Once I plunged into work and making money.
I was led by the natural order of life.
Working till one day I was truly alone.

Ribbons and bows in a beautiful girl hair.
She dances by the Boeblingen lake
Her smiles are simple gifts to a lonely man.

She asked me my name?  She wondered why I was sitting alone with the September
Festival  alive and well.

I told her my name was Johnnie. Told her. ” I thought I held wealth and profit. I learn
too late the real value of life. I left things behind. I cannot find anymore.”

She danced around me.
The sound of rock and roll music ringing in the distance.
She pulled me up and forced me to dance with her.

My face engulfed in blond hair smelling of a strawberry field.
Her warm body making me come alive.
She asked. “Ever danced in a field of wildflowers. Free from the clothing of life.
Allowed your true spirit to be alive.”

I told her. “I wished I did.”

She released me and told me. “I know you. You are the laughing American. You drank too much , you loved
many and you are alone. Not a good ending my friend. Tonight a almost full moon. The liar’s moon. The
best moon for the new wines of September. Let go dancing and find some good September wine. Drink and laugh till the new day appeared. Regret and pity doesn’t do no good. Learn and move on.”

I watched her danced near the band. Her hair flowing with the movement of her body.
I saw the ribbons and bows in her hair. I looked to the liar’s moon. I thank her for this night.
I learn ribbons and and gold have the same value.

Real wealth is celebrating life and the the true gold of a life is dancing with the beautiful
girl with the ribbons and bows in her hair.