Short Poem – Questions?

Very good poetry. Best poetry ask questions. do people assassinate?
Why do we not feed instead of eradicate?
Why do we preach but not practice?
Why do we teach but not act in the way we have been speaking about sadness?
Why leave when the works done?
Why be absent and not turn up?
Why kill civilians unnecessarily?
Why fight wars temporarily?
Why start when you know you can’t finish?
It’s unfair to the people who die and haven’t shown interest.
Why lie uncontrollably?
Why live inconsolably?
Why not treat others equally?
Why be greedy when others are living meagrely?
Why beat people?
Why be violent?
Whilst others suffer petrified in silence.
Why be religious and commit sin?
Why be hateful to other skins?
Why cannot we all be more content?
In that way, global tension may relent.

T. Fox

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