Dear Jenny


Dear Jenny

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Dear Jenny

Johnnie drifting in and out of the Irish Pubs in downtown Monterey. Looking for his red hair beauty. When the beer and Long Island ice tea kicked-in. Johnnie is dreaming of dear Jenny. He need the remedy of a ravishing red hair lady to make him forget. He left his Jenny in Michigan.  Old Johnie knew as  soon as he hit highway W-94. He could not return. The highway is cold and hold no mercy. 2500 miles later. He stood on the Seaside beach wishing he stayed.

He called Jenny. He told her. “I love you still and I need you with me. Please come to Monterey. I need to feel you near. I’m lonely as hell and you are my only cure. Jenny cried and told Johnnie. “Baby, you have your wars, the sea and I’m here in Michigan with baby Tiffany.  I ain’t enough for a man who want everything. I saw in your eyes in my home. You dreamed of new paradise and wild sea. You wanted to taste the nectar of wild life and freedom. Love had no chance my sweetie. You loved the road more than me.”

He told her. “I miss your long legs, your  smile and fancy dresses. I dream of your silky skin and sweet lips. I learn you are my only regret. Do you dream of me? I do dream of your my Jenny. You are my only wish to fall into your soft perfume and for us to dance alone in the dark. Falling down together on the soft bed like we had no place to go but each other arms.”

Jennie held silence and she whispered to him. “Baby, I’m here. The ambrosia of love will weaken. You are far from me and I know you are drinking and raising hell. Time for you to decide. To love forever or reach for great dreams, travel and new goals. Life isn’t fair my baby. You must do what you must. I can’t wait for a wandering man. I loved you Johnnie. I loved the man who was happy with quiet life and me. Please drink less and be careful my Johnnie.”

Johnnie listen to the silence. He knew love was a thief. Stole a part of you and left you with hidden thoughts and wants. Jenny was a sweet dream. Another dream tossed in the dumpster. He returned to the Irish Pub. A pretty auburn girl joined him. She asked. “Where you been Johnnie? You told me last week. I was your only need and want. Were they just liars words?” He turned to the long legged beauty in a short skirt showing tan perfect legs.  Tank top showing tone stomach and firm breast. He gave her a big Michigan smile and he told her. “I’m sorry honey. I do remember you. You are the alluring muse who took me home  and told me I would be okay last week when I couldn’t find my truck after too many drinks.” She smiled and brought her arms around him and she whispered. “Dear dark Poet. You are messed-up and need tender loving care. Sometime we must accept the mercy and forget the past. Johnnie, no angels here in Monterey. Just us trying to be okay.”

He embraced her and he whispered. “Dear Angela, do you want a man chasing rainbows and he is a drunk. I’m seeking the Hemingway death and can’t see the hope in anything anymore. War, life and bad decision led me here.” Angela kissed him many times and told him. “We must die many times to know what is worthwhile. Sometime just enough is all we need. Let’s go home and drink some coffee. You will write and I will edit for you. Your drunk man poetry is your best my love.”
Johnnie and Angela left the Irish Pub. She held his hand like a child needing a gentle touch. At Angela studio apartment he wrote.

“You can’t find love, love find you.”

“Consequences of the ambrosia of love. Can lead you to paradise or hell with just a kiss.”

“People find similar ground. The in and out of love direct people to fall together. Just enough can bond two people together.”

“Angela, Let’s attempt faith. Allow alluring kisses and embrace to make us forget yesterday and create a better tomorrow.”

Angela fell at his feet. Her hazel eyes watched him write. She whispered. “We will be okay my darling. Few win in the name of love. Let’s find some laughter and I need your embrace in the loneliness and coldness of the night. Sometime we must grasp love and ride the roller coaster of want and need and hope for a good ending.” Johnnie smiled and brought her near and he told her. “Thank you Angela”.

Coyote/John Castellenas