Poetry for love “In your eyes”

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In your eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We can feel like kings or paupers when a woman bless you with love and kindness.


           In your eyes

In your eyes.
I’m everything,
the sun and the moon.
The warm breeze that warmth the night.

I feel I could do anything when you bless me with your smile
and the tenderness of your soft and tenders looks.
For when your laughing eyes shine for me.
They make me want to dream and swim in your love.

My life was a circle of confusion.
Filled with many mistakes and errors.

Now I know joy and peace.
You make me feel complete and wanted.

Many roads of discontentment led me to you
and true love.

I understand life is fair.
We must know confusion to learn what is true and beautiful.
In your eyes. I feel safe and loved.
I know I found the softness of a kind woman who taught me.

You cannot walk alone.

Written in 1994/rewritten in 2014