The Water, Sky and the Earth. “Coyote dreams”

The Water, Sky and the Earth chapter nine Coyote dreams

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


With the journey into dreams. The real nightmares may appear. The dreamer can see the truth. Some truth is filled with death and terror.


        “You have driven me from the east to this place, and I have been
here two thousand years or more…My friends, if you took me
away from this land it would be very hard for me. I wish to die in
this land. I wish to be an old man here…I have not wished to
give even a part of it to the Great Father. Though he were to give
me a million dollars I would not give him this land.”
Standing Bear of the Poncas

“If a man step his feet into a lake. Create movement that will expand
and grow. One strong voice can light the fire of many to stop hate and
war.  Will it take a million deaths for man to realize? Every life is important.
We need to find peace with each other and nature before we only
leave death and doom for the next generation.”

John Coyote got station at Fort Ord, Ca. The orders for Korea were canceled. He drove to Monterey in the Spring of 1976.  He loved the coastline. He missed his new friends. He held many doubts about life and religion. He was born poor and wanted to allow the past to fade away. He arrived at his new unit. He made quick new friends. He loved to drink and raise hell. USA was falling apart. No jobs, a lot of people lost jobs and all their money in the economy going to shit.

Padget  from Maryland was his best friend. They would drive to Big Surf and drink every weekend.  Raised hell and hung with the musicians. Padget believed in no rules. He lived for the moment and tested life every chance he could. Coyote did not tell Little Wolf he wasn’t in Korea. He wanted to see what life could be.

Padget, Coyote and  three Soldiers went to Santa Cruz. A old country boy name Red from Virginia wanted to do the acid. Coyote volunteer to be the watcher. When you do dangerous drugs. Must have one person to maintain control. They met the contact on the beach boardwalk. A couple dollars a hit. Padget bought $80 worth. They go to the  Santa Cruz beach. Padget, Red and Hanley took three hits and put them under their tongue. Coyote watched them. They were calm and peaceful till Red got up and ran for the sea.

He was yelling “Death was here for him”.  Coyote saw nothing in  the sea at first.  Coyote and Hanley tried to hold Red from going into the cold night sea water. Coyote looked up and saw a man 40 feet into the water edge. Just standing there with a small guitar and singing. The man was well dressed. Like he was ready to play a concert somewhere. Coyote went to the man. He asked what do you want?  The man answered the question with a a smile. “I don’t want you. You are dirty with hate and ain’t done raising hell. You have a lot of time Dreamer.  You are special. Few people can live  in  hate and disappointment like you do.”

Coyote repeated the question. “What do you want and who are you?” The old man smiled and seem to dance in the water. He touched Coyote shoulder and told him. ” The dreamer can’t see the Undertaker when he is standing in the front of you. I will forgive you today. You are young. I promise the next time you will know me. I like you my friend the Dreamer. I can’t have Red tonight. Tomorrow  you can’t save him. I want to give you a gift. I will sing you a song.”

He begin to play the old small guitar and sing. ” My love she speaks like silence. Without ideals or violence. She doesn’t have to say she’s faithful. Yes she’s true, like ice, like fire.
People carry roses, Make promises by the hours, my love she laughs like the flowers. Valentine can’t buy her.”

Coyote heard Padget yelling “Get out of the water.” He turned away from the man. When he turned back. The man was walking into the sea. He turned and give a big wide smile and told Coyote. “I like you. I will answer one question for you. Any question you want to be answers”. Coyote ask what is the purpose of life? The Undertaker answer. “Fucking”.

Coyote went to his friends. He loaded them into his truck and they drove back to Fort Ord. in silence.  He and Padget went to the Seaside beach alone. Padget asked what the old crazy man want? Coyote smile and told him he was death. Wanted to take Red to hell. Padget laughed and told him you sure you didn’t take any acid? Coyote did not now why the Undertaker called him the dreamer? The crazy old Indians and now this crazy man of the sea told him. His dreams can come true. Padget handed him some small paper. Padget told him. Put then under your tongue and allow them to melt.

Coyote put the acid into his mouth. Within minutes his vision was different. The ocean was larger. Padget was too loud. He started to walk to Monterey on the empty night beach. Coyote begin to see ghosts and hear the whisper of the sea. He sat down on some rocks. Fall into a quick sleep.

Coyote is walking alone. The city was quiet. He is back home in Detroit. He goes to his parent house. He goes into the bedroom of his parent house. He smell death. His mother and stepfather are dead. Have been dead for days. He make some coffee and read a old newspaper. Nuclear attacks in  Asia and Africa in March 2020 have sent death to every corner of the world.  The article stated all war had ended. World is trying to stop the death. The article stated death will be slow for the people away from the nuclear attack. The writer of the article stated. The lucky one’s died in seconds. Rest of world is dying slow and painful.

Coyote looked up. The Undertaker is across from him. Coyote asked do you want a coffee? The Undertaker smiled and told him a lot of sugar and creams please.” Coyote came back and gave the coffee to the old man. The old man told him thank you.  Coyote asked is it my time? The undertaker smile. “Yes it is. You did well for me. You had the gift of dreams and did not do nothing. You could of done something. You did nothing for fear of failure and disappointment. One man or woman can cause a wave of change. Your wasted words and no effort left me with a easy job taking the cattle to hell.”

Coyote awake from the yelling in his face of Padget. Padget asked where the fuck were you?  He smile and told him. I’m going to Mexico and see Little Wolf. I need to understand what I see. I need to know what is real or lies. Padget smile and told him. Only whiskey for you now. You are fucking crazy.

Coyote is driving to Mexico. He believed maybe one person can create a wave of change. The Undertaker had gave him advice. Maybe the Undertaker need the people alive to have his purpose.