Blood in, Blood out

Blood in, Blood out

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A eye for a eye world. No-one can win. When hate and violence steal all the kindness and hope. What will be left my friend?


Blood in, Blood out

Little boys and girls grow-up and become men and women. They were raised watching war, violence and hate. What did we teach them? What did we leave behind for them?

Religion, color and race won’t mean a dime when all that is good is gone. Who is crying for the village being burn-down in Asia and Africa? Killed 142 kids in Asia last week. Just kids. Using religion and hate to kill. Killing charity workers in the Middle East. Making videos to increase hate.

Who are these men? Who can kill without mercy? Brother killing brother in many places in this world. Great countries believe they can save the world. Sending soldiers to stop murder. How do you stop the murderer when you send a army? Making martyr out of terrorist. Blood in, Blood out. Just make the sky and river bleed the blood of the innocent.

Little boys and girls grow-up and and become soldiers. Learning to fight and kill before learning to love, dance and sing. War, my friend. Man great sin. We must heal/not kill.

Money run this world. USA and world contractors making billions on blood.  If the terrorist don’t have funding and guns. They will be done. Need a gun dealer and cash to kill, my brothers and sisters. He who supply the funding is more guilty than the murderers. The blood in and blood out is paid for my hidden demons in the rich places of our world.

Little boys and girls are playing in the park today. They don’t see color, race or question religion. Just children loving the sun and the long day. Today war is alive and well. If we don’t attempt to stop war, terror and hate. War will find you. You will be taking daughter or son to a plane deploying for war in distance land where our children die for the profit of war.

Time to fix this problem. Stop the funding of war and find the men who are tempting(Being done) and training men to create havoc, separation and hate. Boycott any country that supply the terror.

Time for all people to stand as one. One earth and one people.