“Secret love and hidden memory”

Steve Henderson www,tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica,com (27)DOLCE GIORNO048_48

Secret love and hidden memory.

I saw her face today.
Made me wander back in time.
Each of us hold our Beatrice’s near.
The writer holds on to memories like a drunkard holds on to his wine.

Do our memories become less with time?
Do innocent kisses and embraces of youth become sweeter with age?

Do dreams of beautiful brown eyed young woman leave your thoughts
and you become empty?

Can you escape the dance of long sweet kisses and yearning to touch
tender and warm flesh?

Age allowed us to ponder old memories.
Make us wished we held tighter and done more.

Beautiful faces dance in my head.
Old thoughts forgotten.
Rebirth to make me remember I loved a brown eye girl once.