The Water, The Sky and the Earth. “Red Fox journey”

The Water, Sky and the Earth. Red Fox journey.

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Native Americans lost their spirit and strong heart. Needed to meditate with the water, sky and earth to find the right path.


We thank the Great Spirit  for all
the benefits. He has conferred
upon us. For myself. I never take
a drink of water from the spring.
without being mindful of His goodness.
Black Hawk Sauk

What is life? It is a flash of a firefly in the
night. It is a breath of a buffalo in the
winter time. It is as the little shadow that
runs across the grass and loses itself in
the sunset.
Crowfoot, Blackfeet

Trouble no man about his religion-
respect him in his view of the
Great Spirit. and demand of him that
he respects yours. Treat with respect
such things as he hold sacred.
Do not force your religion on anyone.
Wabasha and Red Jacket. Seneca

New Journey

Red Fox had his yearly mandatory military physical in 1977. His body was getting weaker. He had less energy and always felt tire. The rosemary tea did help. Don Francis  told him to drink the tea. His body will need help. Camp Pendleton was his home now. Close to twenty years in the Marine. He loved being close to the sea. Gave him a peace. He would roam the backside of California desert and the coastline of Oregon with Coyote when they could. Today he sat waiting for the Doctor at the Camp Pendleton clinic. Coyote and Little Wolf told him. He was getting smaller. Losing too much weight. He held great concern for the answers from the tests he was given.

A young Doctor came in. He asked him. How do you feel Gunnery Sgt.?  Red Fox smile and told him. “I will know in a minute. I hope?” The young Doctor with sadness in his eyes told him his white cells were increasing and your body is getting weaker.  Red Fox asked. “What are you telling me?’

The Doctor showed him his charts. He explained. “When the body is unbalanced. The body will  become weaker. Your body is getting attacked. You have a form of Leukemia. However your case is worst. Your respiratory system is failing too. Many boys who served in Vietnam are becoming sick.”

Red Fox asked the Doctor. “What can be done? Can anything be done? The Doctor spoke with sadness in his voice. “There are cancer treatment that can slow down the sickness. Some people can live with it for years. Some people will die very quickly.”

Red Fox look outside the window. Watching the young Marines running by the clinic. He turned to the Doctor. Asked him. “What is the next step?

Red Fox called Coyote. Told him. “Time for a vacation.” Coyote told him with concern. When and where? He knew his friend never asked for anything. The trip was planned to go to Mexico and see Little Wolf and Silent Bobcat.

They met in Monterey. Coyote found Red Fox sitting on the beach. Red Fox got up and gave him a hug. Thanks him for coming. Coyote saw the weight loss and the sickness in the face of Red Fox. He asked no questions. He saw some of the Army Soldiers become weaker and not return from leaves. He heard stories of the sickness brought home from Vietnam. Many rumors of a cancer caused by the chemical warfare being used. He did a silence prayer for Red Fox. He spend three years in Vietnam. His mind and body paid a hard price for war.

They listen to Morrison, Dylan and Elvis on  the highways to L.A and San Diego.  Red Fox finally spoke at  Big Surf. They ate lunch at the River Inn.  Red fox told Coyote. “Life is fair. We pay for our sins. I left Vietnam and came home. I saw and did terrible things for this government. I have killed many people with my weapon and these hands. I was told I had cancer. My payment for my sins.  No time table for how long I will live. I decided to retire and stay with Little Wolf and die with friends. My people are gone. The Cheyenne are few. I believe Don Francis will insure I have a good death with friends near.”

Coyote wanted to cry and scream at the same time. He went to the bathroom and cries tear alone. His friend needed him to be strong. After 10 minutes in the stall. He forced  a smile and some hope out of his sad heart. He sat with his friend. Told him. “Old Don Francis may know some mystic cures. We have a lot of time for life. Remember we must save the Water, Sky and the Earth. We must teach the world to hate war. Love peace and protect Mother nature.”

Red Fox smile and told him. “I needed you my friend Coyote. Death don’t scare me. Dying alone does. Your words are true. I must do one damn good things in my life. Life isn’t fair. But with the good medicine and hope from my good friends. Maybe I can trick death for a few more year?”

They arrived at the house.  Little Wolf and Silent Bobcat come out to greet them. Little Wolf could not believe how much weight Red Fox had lost. She reached her arms around him. Whispered. “My big cheyenne. I will take care of you and heal you of the pain.”
Coyote saw Red Fox taking pain pills. He knew the cancer was in the blood and body.

Don Francis came out. He smile and spoke. “I have been waiting for you my friends Red. Tonight we sweat out the poison and repeat till the sickness is out of your skin. I have a herb to change the blood. We have much work to do.” Little Wolf with many tears fall in Coyote arms.

The four sit together watching the sun fall into the west on the porch of the house. Little Wolf stood up and light the sage. She walk around them spreading the sage. Saying a silent prayer. They drank the rosemary tea and few words were spoken. In sadness words mean very little.