The Water, the Sky and the Earth. Road trip with Morningstar

The Water, Sky and the Earth. Chapter 10. Road trip with Morningstar.

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


In my lifetime. I met people who held power. I was amazed at their knowledge. Sometime warning come when you don’t expect them.


     “They made us many promises, more then I can remember, but
they never kept but one: they promise to take our land, and they
took it.”

“The Gulf of Mexico  has billion gallons of oil suffocating the animal life.
Poor Japan had nuclear plants sending poison into the sea.  The Native
American pray and cried for the land, sea and air. Everyday one animal is
lost forever. The trees are being cut down that allow us to breathe and eat.
Old wise Native American fear. White man won’t be happy till all that is beautiful
is gone.”

Coyote took Highway 2 to Mexico. He passes Monterey. He loved the city. They called him the Poet in the city. He carry his poetry books and read poetry at all Poetry readings. He wanted the young people to think and describe life and emotion. He was called the old man of poetry. He looked in the truck mirror. His 19 year face was tire and old already.

He saw at a distance. A beautiful woman in a long summer dress. She was hitchhiking. He smiles and told himself. She looked safe. I hope. He stopped his truck and asked. Where are you going? She smile and told him. “I’m going to Big Surf.”

Coyote told her get in. He asked does she have any possessions. She told him. Only what I need. She worn a small backpack. Her auburn hair flowed down her back. Her slim tan body was beautiful. The summer dress did not hide her body. She was in her late twenties.

He asked her.  Her name. She told him. “I have many names. For you. You can call me Morningstar.” Coyote asked are you of Native American blood. She smile and told him. ” I was born here when the land was empty. I saw great things and have lived for a long time now. My tribe is forgotten. Only the spirit are left to remind the one’s with vision what is important. My  tribe was the Cayuse. We are lost and forgotten in the wind.”

Coyote reached and touched her arm. She took his hand. Moved it to her face and to her hair. She smiles. Told him. “I’m not a ghost. I have many names. Some call me Nagual, I’m called a herbalist in Mexico. I have been accused of being a shift changer by many.”

Coyote asked “Why are with me today? I’m no-one. I have too many damn questions that can’t be answered. Number one. Are you testing my common sense. ”  She touches his head and neck. She told him. ” You are the dreamer. You have the ability to see the future. In the days of my youth. The dreamers told us not to truth the white man. We did not listen. Our innocent was our weakness. We did not believe the white man would kill off the population to take our land. They murder and killed without thoughts. We learn too late to listen to the dreamer. Few people are born that can see the world with the real vision. Most go mad before they learn to control.”

Coyote asked. “You are real in appearance and I can touch you. How can it be you have lived this long? It is not possible.”  She look at the sea. Told him. “Life is simple. The water, sky and the earth is what we need.  The earth move in constant rotation  and there are many mysteries few can see. You took the medicine to open your mind this morning. You have open a door to a new world. I came to you to help you understand. Don’t allow fear to control your thoughts now. You need to see Don Francis and drink the peyote tea in ration. The dreams will be stronger and you will understand your gift. The Native Americans have the responsibility to try to save what is left. The time is limited. Your dreams have told you this already.”

Coyote see the River Inn. He asked Morningstar would she like some food. She smiles. Told him. “To eat food would be wonderful again.” She reached over and kissed him many times. She whisper a quiet prayer.
” Protect my brother.
Allow the four winds to show him the way.
Give him wisdom and strength.
Allow him to dream without fear.”

Coyote parked the truck and walked to the passenger  door.
Morningstar was gone. Coyote walk around asking did they see a woman in a summer dress with auburn hair. The people of the River Inn were use to crazy folks. Allowed him to stand in confusion.

He drank some Irish beer and ate lunch at the River Inn at Big Surf. Coyote thought he was losing his mind. He whispered “Damn acid screwing me up.  I need to get to Little Wolf and Don Francis before I lose my mind.”

At the Tijuana border. The guards waved him through. He got out of the city very quickly.  He drove into the desert and saw a man.  A old man sitting on a rock. It was Don Francis. He stopped and asked “What are you doing so far from home Don Francis?”

Don Francis gave his kind and hopeful smile. Told him “I was waiting for you. A old friend whisper you were coming today.” Coyote asked who told you I was coming today?

Don Francis told him. “No secrets when the spirits of life and earth are involved. I’m here to take you home and make you stronger. Little Wolf is waiting for you. She has a good meal for you.” Don Francis pour a cup of tea and give the tea to Coyote.

Coyote smile and felt peace again. The cranberry tea was good. He thanks Don Francis for being here and waiting.

Don Francis touches Coyote shoulder. Told him.  “To be strong need many teachers. Will make many mistakes. Need a safe place to rest. You must be strong and write down the dreams. Dreams can be changed. But need people with strong minds and a lot of energy to accomplish”

The last three hour were in silence. He felt safe being with Don Francis. He wonder did Don Francis know of Morningstar? Best question  left to mystery. Coyote loved the desert. The beauty made him thankful for this day.