Poetry Street: The Lost Romance| Poem by Ellie Rayne

Amazing artwork and poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

The Stranger's Wall


The Lost Romance

Memories kept coming back little by little,
Flooding through my mind,
Filling my head with thoughts of our romance once brewed to perfection,
Your lingering kisses that burns my skin with lust.

Fires agnites within me,
I felt pain and agony,
Yet you kept me in your arms again,
You told me we are meant to be of our love will never end.

You spoke to me of promises and dreams,
We shared once before but I could not recall them due to my state of mind,
Will you ever forgive me for unintentionally hurting you in trying to win my trust and heart back?
Because I know you would within reasons even I cannot say what it is

Ellie Rayne

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