“Not enough”

Forevernot perfect

Not enough

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Sometime love isn’t enough.


                                Not enough

Kind and sweet muse told me. “Sweet Johnnie, I can save you.
Please tell me what you need. You can’t live in the darkness forever.
Please come to me. I’m waiting and I’m so lonely.”

I whispered into the phone. “My faithful and kind love. You love me even when
I have nothing left. I’m locked in with the Jack Daniels and bad memories. I don’t have anything left.
Baby, you can’t raise the dead. The dead just rust and rot waiting for the storyline to end.
Please let me swim in my destine loneliness. Men who pissed away dreams and left all things
kind and good. You do not need. Promises made and broken leave us alone upon a island
reaching for things you cannot find again.”

Her sweet voice lowered. I could see her face. I wished I could kiss her lips and tell her.
“You were my everything and I left you for war.  I left you to find who I was. I found out I
was things I shouldn’t be and you can’t return to where you started.”

My sweet muse told me. “Johnnie, you ain’t dead yet. Please listen to me. Life is just footsteps.
Sometime we go forward and sometimes  we fall backwards. We had said our farewells too many times.
I want to hear a hello and hold you like we did when we loved like we had nothing to lose and we
needed to make the night last forever.”

I pick-up the Jack Daniels. Take a large drink. I caressed the 30-30. I told my beautiful muse.
‘Sometime we don’t enough left.  What can you do with a man swimming in bad dreams and
a dead heart. You are young and beautiful. I’m tire. So damn tire my sweet love. I won’t
forget your face. At the gate of hell. Your beautiful face will be my last memory.”

There is a knock apartment door. He opened the door. Kind muse with her cell phone looked at
the messy apartment and 30-30 on the table. She goes to the rifle. She open the chamber and allow the
rounds to fall to the ground. Her tears begin to fall. Sweet muse wrapped her arms around the sad man and told him. “Baby, don’t leave me. If your die. I will die. Do you want be to be dead with you?”

Johnnie bring his muse close. “Whispered, Not enough is all we have  left sometime. I don’t believe you can save the damned. But for you. I will live. Your life is worth more than my death.”

Pretty woman embraced her old lover. She remembered he saved her once. Now she must return
the hope and positive energy. She had learn the hard way. Real love is like trying to grasp the wind and hold on.
Sometime you must be damn to know where you belong. The muse whispered.’I’m here and I will keep
you safe. You are my first dream of love and my last feeling of love. Please live for me.”

Johnnie looked at sad eyes and told her. “I’m okay in your arms. In your eyes I want to live forever. I promise
to try to be okay.”

Dark night, lonely night. Two old lovers trying to find places lost in time.

Coyote/John Castellenas