Thank you Elena Andrean for the awards.


◊ What made you start blogging? Where did your passion and drive come from?

I started writing at 12 year old for school paper. Was reading books from my seventh birthday. Always loved the word, story and tale.

◊ If you could choose one get away vehicle, what would it be?

A boat. Live on the sea. Escape to unknown places.
◊ Name one thing on your bucket list?

Time near the sea, October Fest and May Fest in Germany.
◊ What did you want to be growing up?

Independent and enough income. My dream was to be a writer that followed wars like Hemingway.
◊ What’s one life lesson you wished you had learned earlier?

Do your best and be kind. Anger lead to no-where.Lead with concern, kindness and love.

I send these awards to the following Poets.


Esther Ling



Thank you Elena. You are very kind.