Good song to take us back to better days

Better days

You were so pretty and I was so young. We had wine and the good song humming to us from the radio.  I told you. I will love you my love till I cannot breathe no-more. You laughs at my words and whispered. “Baby, no guarantee for tomorrow. Let eat-up life this second. This minute and make the hours last till the morning dawn forced us to depart. Tomorrow is just another day to be reached.”


I kissed her once, I kissed her twice. I held her legs in deep embrace and she held me tightly. She sang sweet songs of love. She sang the sweet verse from the small radio near as we found our hiding spot safe from our world.

She was so pretty and her words were so true. She loved me and I loved her and we knew our love was balanced on weak foundation and too much life ahead.

Cherish Every Moment

I was leaving for war and she was going to save the world. She was my first love and last love. Promises made to the midnight moon are not lost or forgotten. I still remember her. She was so pretty and she loved me so.


Coyote/John Castellenas