“The Water, the Sky and the Earth. Time to heal”

The Water, Sky and the Earth. “Time to heal.”

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Sometimes take the want to help another to find peace inside your self.



                              Time to heal

“The beginning of a thousand journeys begin with one step.”


Coyote and Little Wolf go to the large hills to the west. Little Wolf brought sage and some rosemary tea. They were both filled with sadness and confusion. Red Fox told them. The Doctor told him. The cancer was advanced. Many Marines were dying. Red Fox told them it is the revenge of the Gods against us for murdering the people in Vietnam. Some new sickness the soldiers were calling agent orange. Don Francis told us. He can’t cure the cancer. He can stall it with many types of herbs. He told us garlic changes the blood. Natural ginseng, black cohosh, pomegranate and other herbs make the body defense stronger. We will pray and do what we can for him.

Little Wolf walked quickly. She had a desperate feel to her walk and actions this morning. We did not talk till we reached the ridge of the ancient naguals and medicine men.  I carry sage with me in the power bags for years now. I give her the sage from my bag.  The location was beautiful. You could see for miles a empty desert home to the free animals and birds.   She asked me. Do you believe we can save this world? Are we just people blowing dreams and wishes into a powerful storm that can’t be stopped?  Are we nothing?  Does life have any true value.” She begin to cry and fell into my arms. I knew she didn’t believe the leukemia could be stopped.

I caressed her hair and forehead and  I told her. We must believe. Maybe we can be the gentle movement in the stream. Maybe it will grow. People will love the water and the earth. Protect the wild life. We must try. If we fall to be like the cattle. Working, waiting and do nothing but waiting for death. Why are alive? Honey, better to held hope, love and dreams than live for nothing. Today isn’t for us to cry. Today we are here with the ancient one’s and praying for our friend.

She stood up and starting walking in a circle. She put the sage to the air and she requested the ancient spirits to please listen. She touched the match to the dry sage.  She did a quiet prayer and we walked together.  She requested the old one’s to help a lost Cheyenne brother. She prayed his cancer would be gone and she wanted to hear his laughter again.” I said nothing.  I was new to the nagual’s medicine. I had little belief in anything. I knew I had to be strong for my friends. Better to be a listener than a adviser.”

After 15 minutes of walking and meditation. We sat down. She thanks me for coming with her. She asked me. Do you believe Don Francis can help Red Fox?  I told her. I hope and pray he can. She laid her head on my shoulder and she cried.

We got back and we heard Red Fox laughing. This was the first laughter in a long while.  He was playing cards with Silent Bobcat. We walked in and he looked better. He had some skin color and he got up without effort and he told us. I’m feeling better. Don Francis brought in his daughter from western Mexico. Her name is Jackeline. She cooked me some food and forced gallons of tea down my throat.  Don’t worry kids. I got lectures from Jackeline.
I will stay positive and obey the laws of the new nagual. You will like her. She is a demon.

Little Wolf stood up when a pretty young Mexican with dark black hair and beautiful smile enter the room. I stood up and offered hand and my thanks for her coming to help my friend. She hugged little Wolf and than me. She told us. My father had adopted you. We are brothers and sisters now. We are Native American here too. Sometimes forgotten. The Mayas been on this land for thousands of years. I use the herbal medicine and natural drugs. Cancer is a demon. I will need your support and we will hope the gods are kind. Red Fox is hard-headed and tough. We must cleanse the body and stop the cancer.  Sometime we make the body even again. Maybe we can find the miracle?


We sat together and ate soup strong in the taste of garlic and chicken. She passed us the Pomengrated tea and told us. Tomorrow a homemade smoke house. We will use the smoke house to clean the body. Everyone is invited. Early morning before the heat we will do the ceremony.  We all agree.

Red Fox cornered me and told me. Johnnie, you must be strong. The girls need you strong. You can’t be a silly Army man now. Got to be hard like a Cheyenne Marine. Don’t look back at the past no more. I learn by dying the true value of true life. Everyday is valuable. Remember you guys are going to teach the world to be strong. Protect the wild beast, save the sea. Make the government quit killing off the natural resources. I will stay with you as long as I can. We can’t allow the dreams to die by sadness. He smiled and told me. Get us two beers now. Don Francis said death is near. Beer is okay.