More Texas poetry. “Her beauty had not blinded me” (Adult)

Her beauty has not  blinded me

She roamed like a old tom cat.
Wearing her black clothing like a mask.

She tied her hair up into a tight knot.
She don’t look boyish.

Her dress hugged on her hips so tightly.
Like a second skin.

Showing enough.
To make a innocent man wish to see what he could do.

Her blouse so thin.
Allowing her firm breast to appear erect.
She never wear underwear.

When she walk.
She moved like a lioness.

Teased you.
Making you wish to take her.

She never give you a true smile.
Only a glare of welcome.

When she is alone with friends.
Her eyes are full of hate and confusion.

She give up her body to satisfy her habits.

She told me.
“Money can buy you what you need.
The rest is bullshit anyway.”

Ghost Of Regret

On Friday she sits in the window at a downtown club.
Take off her cloth.
She doesn’t like this.

Her favorite is when a man is inside her.
She has 100% control.

Her prices are high.

After she break down the wall of innocent.
The price become only money.

She doesn’t walk the street.
Her schedule is full of desperate men.

She told me.
“Men are like cows.
Waiting to be led to the slaughter.”

“They don’t even fight.
Even when you suck out the last of their hope.”

“Men are but fools led by their dicks.”

I saw her smile once.
She laughed at me.

I was afraid to touch her.

I told her.
Some woman are to burn the soul.
There is safety in distance.

We are friends.
Her beauty has not blinded me.
I see more than flesh.
I see a woman.

                    Coyote/John Castellenas