When the war is over and Lay down your guns

Missing pieces

I saw the great storms. 15,000 Soldiers standing their ground. They were willing to fight and die for old Glory. I stood with my friends and we were waited for the command to fight, kill and do what must be done.014_14Featured Image -- 5660

Many wars later and scarred men with toll to pay. They are waiting. Waiting for the war to end.

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I stand by graves of missed friends. I whispered to lonely graves. Your kids are fine. You are a Grandpa now. I told the ghosts of war. I never gave up, I never gave in. I remember you my friend. You told me. Johnnie, You will be fine. Keep holding your head high and stand for the right things.


My father fought the Korea war for his entire life. He talked to friends left in the Korea dirt at lonely midnight table drinking rum and repeating battles he could not win.

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Memorial day is a-coming.  War is alive and well. More soldiers are standing tall. Let’s pray together. One people and one earth. Please stop war and lay down the guns. It is man’s greatest sin. Teaching the young death, war and violence before they learn to love, dance and sing.

I’m old now. I go alone to my friend grave. I sit with his  Miller beer and I talk with him. I tell him. My missed friend. The war is over for you. I hope you found a better place. I’m still trying to understand why men hunger to kill each other for the sake of a man’s religion. All children are the gifts of God. Someone child killed in war had a mother, children and family waiting for them. Their war will never end.

Coyote/John Castellenas