A perfect night

A perfect night

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Just words.

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A perfect night

She was my forbidden temptation. She was my velvety sweet dreams that left me lingering as she walked by me with perfect long legs in your physical training short on. She was almost six feet tall, tanned skin and a body. Men dreamed about and can never touch. I would time my meals to be able to eat with her. To be able to observe her beautiful face and hear her voice.

She liked my story of travel. Her eyes would light-up as I described the free-climbing the  fault line and  roaming the coastlines cities.  I saw in her eyes. Stormy brown eyes that could not be controlled. I painted her body in nightly dreams like a painter would paint a perfect canvas. I adored her and I knew. If I held her once and lost her. She would leave me with the Dante’s tragedy of his Beatrice.

On a hot Spring morning. During our morning meal, she asked me. “Johnnie, take me on a field trip. We have a four day weekend. Let head to San Francisco. Drink and roam the city. Party at Santa Cruz and show me the hidden waterfalls. I’m tire of the stories. I need some adventure.”

I agreed as she gazed in my eyes. I told her. We will leave for San Francisco tomorrow at six pm. She reached over and took my hands and she kissed them. She told me. “I’m very happy. I will bring the wine and tequila and we can stay at the youth hostel in San Francisco. I will call and make us a reservation.”

She was ready and waiting for me at 6 pm. She did most of the talking as we drove the 3 hours drive to San Francisco. I cherish her closeness. I was enjoying  the canvas of her legs barely covered in her short skirt and tank top showing tender and soft sun-kissed shoulders. She came closer and she whispered. “You afraid of me Johnnie? I make you feel restless. Johnnie, let’s have some fun and create some memories. I’m so tire of people who want be friends with payment. You make me laugh and I need to laugh.”

I told her. We will drink, laugh and dance in the city of San Francisco. I’m afraid of you. Something shouldn’t be touched. Will scar your heart and soul forever. I don’t know if you are siren or muse? She smiled and she answered. “Maybe I’m both?”

We arrived in the city and we found the largest beer company in the city. I liked her. I knew she could drink and was a wild woman. She was from North Dakota. A hell-raiser with class. We were 10 beers in the wind and she asked. “Why did you bring the book? Are you going to write me a poem tonight?  I told her. I will write a dozen poems for her. A series of poetry for her perfect legs and face. She told me. “Write a poem now please. Make me feel like a lady in waiting. Someone held above the free Angels. I knew she was speaking freely. Good beer can set the lies to become free and abounded.

My dear Gail, A perfect night.
My cherished beauty.

I have adored you from afar.

I have dreamed of your stormy brown eyes looking into my eyes.

I wanted to paint your skin with scented oil like a painter caressing a perfect canvas.

I dreams of your tan perfect legs entangle in my legs.

I want lingering kisses and to be entwined in your arms.

Even if just a second. You are my missing pieces and last sweet dream.

You are loved. I have loved you since you gave me a smile of hello.

Gail smiled and she told me. “I knew you loved and adored me. I wished you asked me to go with you on your trips. Let’s roam the city while we can still walk my Johnnie.”

She danced for me in the centre part of the city. She loved the old city.  She held my hand like we were old lovers. Gave me soft kisses as we found hidden treasures in the city. San Francisco is cool. No-one cared if two drunk people danced in the street. We roamed till the morning light. I drank a lot of coffee and I drove  down the coastline toward Santa Cruz. I stopped at a cheap motel outside the city near the sea.  She entered the room and stripped down to her panties. She fell upon the motel bed. She was so beautiful. Laying on her back. Showing me tone and perfect  body and she told me. “You made a promise. You promised me a massage. I demand payment.”

I went to her. She brought some scented lotion and I started with her feet and legs. She closed her eyes and she fell asleep. I caressed her perfect feet and legs. She moved with pleasure. I was enjoying the view of this beautiful woman and I knew. When a woman allowed you into her body and mind. A gift. I stopped at her stomach as she was in a deep sleep. I stripped down to my boxers and I went to her. I laid with her and wrapped my arms around her. Kissed her neck and shoulder. She turned around and told me. “Johnnie, I knew you were cool. “She gave me long kisses and brought my hand to her breast. Told me. “Hold me like you will  love me forever.”

I didn’t know then. My six month with her. Would leave me wishing for the North Dakota beauty 30 years later. I have written a hundred thousand words for her and she will never know.

A perfect night

Life had took it toll. Dear Gail. You have taught me.

Never give in or give up.

Last tangle of first. The perfect days are few.

You are my Beatrice and I’m your Dante.

You are my sweet wishes in cherish places and dreams.

I still dream of my long leg beauty who made me learn.

Must shed fear to know love.

Coyote/John Castellenas

Coyote/John Castellenas