If grief weren’t a sin

Powerful and good words. Poetry support make you think. This poem does. Please enjoy the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Crowned Nights

If grief weren’t a sin

Reserved for the old

A tale would be told

One I hold deep within


I grief weren’t a sin

When felt by the young

I could tell you the story

Of those whom I loved


If grief weren’t a sin

I would cry over mountains

Over clouds and horizons

I would scream their names


I would whisper their syllables

Ever so softly, gently,

Watching the words soar

With the breeze.


If grief weren’t a sin,

I would describe the aching,

The sick gnawing

That grows like a seed.


I would admit that fire,

Like poison,

Races through my veins

Scalding, burning,

Destroying as it passes.


If grief weren’t a sin,

I would stop shaking with fright,

Anticipating the next arrival

Of the grief that alights

My body with pain.


This poison inside, this






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