“But what is beautiful is the child that could comproduction of this.”

State Rep. Brian Kurcaba made his initial comments as members of the West Virginia House of Delegates debated a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy without an exemption in cases of rape.

e as a “For somebody to take advantage of somebody else in such a horrible and terrifying and brutal way is absolutely disgusting,” Kurcaba said. “But what is beautiful is the child that could comproduction of this.”

The little known West Virginia policymaker, who became the latest in a long line of GOP lawmakers to make an ill-advised comment about rape,  issued a statement late Friday apologizing to  “anyone who took my comments about the sanctity of human life to mean anything other than that all children are precious regardless of circumstances.”

Republicans were already reeling last week over offensive rape comments after a Utah lawmaker questioned whether husbands should be charged with raping their sleeping wives.

 I’m tire of bad leaders. We need to know our leaders. I was raised by good women. Dear Grandmother taught me to respect all people. Dear step-mother taught me never hit or harm a women. Sisters, daughters and wive taught me. We must lead with love and kindness. Rape is a crime. We must protect the women in this world. Men must be taught to respect, never abuse or harm. Rape is wrong. There is no beauty in rape. This man who made this statement. Need to step down and go away.