A amazing poem for love. Please read and enjoy the work of a amazing writer.

The Outpouring of My Heart


You give me butterflies that flutter in my stomach
The thought of being with you is all I could ask for

The way you gaze at me
I know you like what you see
But she’s got you wrapped up so tight you barely breathe
Much less be with me

We’ve known each other for quite some time
Matter of fact
Our entire lives
The flirting moments we had when we were young
Have faded away
But my memory of it isn’t gone

Oh how I wish to pour my heart out to you
I think you know how I feel
And I know your feeling too
These butterflies aren’t here for no reason
We’ve had them for years
And you are committing treason
Against yourself
You know you love me
I am constantly there penetrating your thinking

Maybe it’s all in my head
Maybe these butterflies are misleading…

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