How it feels

How It Feels

How it feels to fall in love?    —  Love is pure magic. Love can be stopped. Overtake us like a powerful thundestorm.

Someone says to be in love you don’t have to fall—-Love is falling and rising. Each new  opening unknown doors

Cause everything fall will be broken—-Love can brake us down, can rebuilt us to beautiful and dangerous falls.

So I change the words—The change of want and need. Words can be meaningful or just thankfulness

How it feels to be in love?— Love is the eclipse of spirit and heart. Where two people find the safety of the dark night.

It’s like a colorful painting—Love is many colors. Red, orange and blackness. The dance never perfect. Just the blend of                                                 the emotion of color.

Hard to described—Love is unquenable need taking us unchartered territory.

It can be happy or sad–Love is everything. Ups and down. Bridges to cross, alluring places of no return.

How does it feel? Love is scars, bruises and dancing on dangerous place. If we don’t undress the walls of fear and keep love at bay. What are we? Better to be bounded in  love than laying in the sedative life of fear and lonely nights.

Thank you . I added to her poetry. Please stop by her site. She is amazing.

Disappointing or exciting

Thank you.

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