Three Stages of Her

A amazing story by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy his tales. They are alive and real.



I saw her by the treadmills, on the
second floor, overlooking the gym. I spied
from the basketball courts, watching her
sprint with a sexy, long legged gate. She was
a Mulatta owning a great ass, long brown
and blond curly hair draped over her slender
shoulders. She had big green eyes and a
large round face that had a tinge of crazy
gleaming in the corners. I made my way up
the stairs as she finished running. While
patting her face with a small towel, I greeted
her with a smile and newly discovered
“Hey my name is Dave,” I sang like a
stone cold playboy.
“Lisa,” She responded cool as mountain
“Where you from?”
“Near San Francisco, you?”
“New Jersey.”
Lisa was friendly: much friendlier
than she appeared at the front desk earlier
that evening.
“What do you do down here?”
“School. I’m studying
Environmental engineering.”

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