Poetry Street: Drowning in my own Mistake| Poem by Ellie

Amazing poetry and beautiful artwork by a talented writer . Please read and enjoy.

The Stranger's Wall


Drowning in my own Mistake

Drowning in tears,
Wished for a reason to still be alive,
She drops dead in the ocean blue,
Wanting to love and be loved.

A dramatic plot in a twisted soul,
She is drowning in her own tears,
That flooded her body like an ocean of sadness,
Hence, the sea is salty like tears.

Will she ever get up again?
To see another mistake she made to be seen untold?
How can things get so complicated?
When all she did was diverted from telling the truth and seek advice that seemed to end pitifully in despair.

For life is drama itself,
Swallow it and deal with it!
Just like I have done for the past 16 months.


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