In Your Sacrifice, I Find Strength – Original Poem

A amazing poem by a talented writer. Please read his words and enjoy.

Recruiterpoet Blog

Years will pass and our friends will sleep in different beds but my love remains
From rooftops to the stars, there are no limits
We are part of something infinite; bigger than we can imagine
But, we are filled with passion; the fuel of the heavens

It is a truth we know
Not from the words of the bible or declarations from men of war and peace
It is the truth of the heart, written with the beat of this machine inside our souls and defined by the moments that leave an infinite footprint

Skyscrapers will rise
Giants will rule
But you and I will live this play of life with zest

We will together, hand in hand, take that leap
Only faith will keep us airborne and fight the resistant forces of gravity

Locked hand in hand, we will come home
To a place we always knew stored in…

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