Poetry Street: Garden of Red Roses for Her|Poem by Ellie

Amazing poetry and artwork by a talented writer. Please enjoy the outstanding writer.

The Stranger's Wall


Garden ofย  Red Roses for Her

The breeze kept her body at a nice touch,
Breathing heavily she pulls her gown up a little just to run,
Run as fast as she could with her red heels out of the mansion,
She was no longer in love.

She does not regret of leaving him at bay,
He shuts his eyes and regretted for having another affair and she found out about it,
A bouquet of roses thrown to the ground with force by her that was given by him as an apology.

She ran and ran until she reaches a garden of red roses,
Twirled around as she did she shouts out loud โ€œI am no longer in love!โ€
Falling to the ground, she lays there breathing under the bright sky and a smile curves up on her lips.


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