Date a Girl who Walks

A beautiful poem. Please read and enjoy the work of the outstanding writer.

Cogito ergo something

Date a girl who walks

Solitary walks on rough terrain

Summer sun beating down on her

Not afraid of muddy boots in rain.

She’ll never run out of stories to tell

Isolated discoveries on solitary walks

Keen observer of the universe

She’ll let you be the first to talk.

As she saunters on, in harmony with nature

Or a song already stuck in her head

When Pink Floyd say “Wish You were Here”

You’ll know who she was thinking of then.

She’s not perfect, no one is

She might have taken a wrong turn or two

But it takes patience to be lost, then found

She will be patient with you.

But, what’s the fun of knowing one’s way?

Get lost somewhere, no maps, no signs,

And when you find each other again

The road will have showed you why.

Date a girl who walks

Kiss her tired feet at…

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