__Purgatory Inn and no place to go.

Purgatory Inn and no place to go.
I have the long Island ice tea fresh and cold.
Bartender keep them coming.
They love the big tippers.
Purgatory Inn is open early and closes late.
Safe place for a man who wants nothing.

I roll the simple purple stone in my hand.
An old souvenir from a old war.
A purple crystal given to me by a kind memory.
Now feeling like a brick.
So heavy with sadness and loss.

I hold the necklace like a rare stone.
The necklace is pretty worthless in value.
Except to my heart and memory.
I remember when a beautiful red haired girl took the necklace
off my neck. Put it on around her  neck. Promised me forever.
Then wrapped her body around me.
She whispered. “Live with me and be my love.”

Blind obsession led me into the splendor of passion and desire.
With trembling steps of emotion and hunger. Walls of fear fell away and
we became one.

Love is like a Rose. It will rise then fall.
The rose will rebirth if we are lucky and overcome memories and pain.
The mystery of love is for the few to understand.
Love will die and rise many times in a lifetime.
My blue eyed beauty kissed me. Put my necklace of stone in my hands.
I watched my blue eyes girl walk away.
I wanted war and travel and she wanted real life and babies.

I found a strange peace in the Purgatory Inn.
No-one asked questions. No-body wanted too much.
I have many good memories to keep me safe and protected.

I offered the necklace back to my red haired girl.
She told me to keep the purple crystal. Hold it for her.
For somehow she knew the necklace is the only thing I would hold
precious in the darkness of the tavern and time.

I have been to hell and back.
Funny the bad memories are erased by the thoughts of a red hair beauty.
Whispering “I love you my wandering soldier.”