Secret life

Secret life

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Old poem from 1989 with a re-write


This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Secret life
(Thank you Paris poetry for her words. Add strength to my words)
I was your boss and teacher once. We shared hours in a locked building. I adored your long legs and auburn hair. Your perfect body unable to be hidden, made me wish and dream for you to my love.

You were so young and filled with life and energy. I was your last hope to become a leader. I slowly taught you how to direct and be strong. One day. You were ready and left me for your chance and opportunity. I learn sadness when you left me. I still remember how you embraced me and told me. I love you Johnnie. You never gave-up on me. You left me with warm kisses and a unwanted goodbye.

I thought it was the last chance for me to be with you. I accepted my place. I was old in heart and mind. Love had turn dirty. I had my books and pen now.

On a December night. I heard a soft knock upon my door and  I went to the door. Beautiful Jenny with tears in her eyes and wine coolers in her hands stood waiting. She was so beautiful. Short dress and hosiery of black silk showing off perfect long legs. I saw tears in her blue eyes as she fell into my arms. I brought into my apartment.


She told me. “Me and my boyfriend had separate. I need a place to hide-out. I need a place to be safe and sound with someone who will protect me.” I told her. Please stay with me. I brought her near and I allowed to cry and calm down. She looked at me and she told me. “Johnnie, I know your secret life. You have dreamed of me since I walked into your building. I saw in your eyes. A need to have me near. Can I stay with you tonight.” I told her. Please stay with me dear Jenny.

I put Leonard Cohen into the cassette players. The song “Waiting for a miracle” was playing. You rose up and begin to dance. You went  to the light to turn-off. I told you please. Leave the light on. I want you to undress with the light on. I want to see and know every part of your perfect body. I want to taste your tender skin and for us to go to un-chartered places.

Sweet Jenny smiled and her teary eyes turned soft and tempting. She released her dress slowly and unhooked black bra allowing her robust breasts to fall free and beautiful. She come to me and I kissed her tender stomach. I rolled down her black hosiery slowly, enjoying the feel of skin against my hands. She smiled and she whispered. “You told me once. Love is give and take. I want you to take tonight my Johnnie. I need to be allured to wild places and you to make me fall to my knees and need new touch and find my way to new places. I’m tire of the sedative love.”

She stood up. Slowly removing her silk panties of black. She watched my eyes and she embraced me. She whispered. “Time for us to take down the veils of lies. I’m your love tonight and tomorrow we will see where we land.”
Two people with secret life and dreams. Found peace for a time.

Coyote/John Castellenas