_Coyote song

Coyote song

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just a effort at music


                                Coyote song

On a quiet nights.
When the sky is clear.
Lonely people wait for no-one.
They pray to the moon and they make a fool’s wish.
To repeat the dance  with old lovers on empty beaches.
To rebirth dreams lost in the cold September breezes.

From a distance.
A lone Coyote.
He sings to the moon.
His song is for his missed companion.
Can be heard by the lonely souls.

The memories of first sweet kisses.
The splendor of making love till the morning light.
The kind and sweet moment of looking into eyes of lovers.
Leave a empty spot needing a tender touch of love.

The Coyote song is a sound to rebirth hope.
He still called for his companion.
He called to the moon to announce his hunger and desire.
To run free and together again with his companion.
Sometime the sea can heal great pain.
Sometime you need to sing to the moon for forgiveness.
Love can falter and leave us weak and alone.
Time is the healer.
New doors must be re-open.

The song of two Coyotes can be heard now.
The call of the night brought his companion back.
They dance and run into the night together.
They sit upon a hill.
Give thanks in song of the Coyote to the moon for the gift of a return.

A lonely man hear the song of the two Coyotes.
Made him smile.
He closes his eyes and remember his missed love.
He does a silence prayer to know happiness.
To be like the Coyote.
To be able to run free and find someone to celebrate life with.
He walk away with less burden and sadness from the sea.