Into Dawn, I Wander

Beautiful artwork and words. Please read the amazing work of a talented writer.



Into dawn, I wander,
tempered by age,
balanced by time;
in my time,
and into each dawn,
I have roamed before,
a precipice surpassed,
each dawn, in wonder,
each day renewed purpose.

Into morrow, this age,
to be the waking,
to breathe this life;
in this breath,
age o’ercomes,
tempered in its presence,
the strength of my years,
the breath of burdening,
where I am made complete.

Into age, this beauty,
this age well spent,
time in wandering;
for in this age,
there is beauty,
to each moment,
aware of its wonder,
this beauty borne,
this ancient wisdom known.

Into beauty, my life,
bestowed to me
in each moment;
beauty, solace,
and moments between,
reasons to wonder,
and for this beauty,
it is the reason why,
thus, into dawn, I wander.

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