Will you still love me tomorrow

Will you still love me tomorrow

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Just words. For Amy.

Will you still love me tomorrow?

You are with me my lover. The night is alive and well.
We are slow dancing to songs of of love. I hold you close as the Long Island and song,
make us seek the hangman dance. Where we free words and open locked doors


The color of love had turn from blackness to the aura of hope. You whispered. I’m no good. I gave everything away. The charity of love had left me cold and betrayed. You don’t want me. I saw wanting eyes asking me. Will you still love me tomorrow?

I kissed your lips gently and I told you. No Angel or un-wounded people in the dark taverns. Just us hoping and holding on to the curse of love. Let’s open vacant places of need. Allow the warm of gentle kiss and embrace to steal away the chill of sadness. Tonight we can dance, will lay together gasping at the emotion of love. Maybe we can find the majestic places of love.

Sweet woman smiled and whispered. Please be kind dear Johnnie. The night is long and cold. I need someone to make me feel needed and beautiful.

Two lovers danced on a Texas dance hall floor. Two people hoping and praying love isn’t gone forever.

Coyote/John Castellenas