July 4th is coming. Be graceful for the land of the free and we still have choices.

Salute old Glory and thank a Veteran

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I need to remember a good friend. We live in a world where few of us are not touched by war.


     Salute old Glory and thank a Veteran.

Raise your glass high and thank the Soldiers for standing tall.
I drink a Miller Lite on 24 August for my good friend missed.

Raise your glass to remember SSG. Donald N. Davis and all the soldiers who died in so many Wars.

My worst day ain’t so bad.

My friend taught me to be graceful to be alive and with family.

I remember my friend Donald N. Davis.

Always a smile and helping hand if needed.

We drank many a  beers in Texas and Georgia Taverns.

He stood tall and was a example to the young soldiers.

He loved the Army. 24 plus years he served.

He treated his daughters like princesses.

The girls are young woman now.

So beautiful and smart.

He would be so proud of them.

I lost my friend in Iraq in August 2004.

I raise my glass to his memory.

I raise my glass to all the Soldiers.

To a safe return and not be forgotten.

We need to remember them.

Our men and woman standing tall for old USA.

God Bless American and remember Wars are being fought.

Our soldier need to be remembered.

When old Glory come bye.
Raise your hand and salute.
Thank a Veteran. You will never know what he had to do.
To stand for freedom and liberty

March 2009