_Mend and alter

Mend and alter

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Life is hard. Needs time to heal and to be reborn again.



                         Mend and alter
Life is simple my friends.
There is consequences for every action and deed done.

Mundane voices from the past.
They whisper prayers for the living.

Love killed by words.
Can’t be brought back to life.
Better to retreat to silence.
Rage lead to arrogant places and situation.

Bless be the man who hold love over hate.
Better to be the vessel of forgiveness and kindness
than live in a life of the bondage of hate.

Regret leave a vessel of someone seeking fragments of things lost.
No mercy for the cold in heart.
Betrayal of love and friendship leave you to dead-end places.

Grandmother told me when I was young.
Need to mend and alter.
Life is hard.

Grandparent, family.

Grandparent, family.

Better to be like a willow tree that flowed with the wind
Than a mountain that stand alone.