Be a girl that dances

I agree with the amazing writer. Need to dance often and know a lot of laughter. Please read and enjoy the outstanding writer.

hereafter and after


Be a girl that dances. It’s never too late to start. Why, all you have to do is take a deep breath, lace up your shoes and step onto the dance floor. The beat of the music might be hard to pick up on at first, but you’ll find it. If you’re lucky you might even find another You.

You see every girl has many sides, but a girl that dances knows a hundred thousand different versions of herself. They’re all her – just different facets of the same diamond, reflecting purple or palest blue or green depending on the light. A girl that dances grows to understand and accept the light and dark that resides within her. Most people merely tolerate them is all, but a girl that dances revels in her chaos of fire and night: the too-loud laughs, the non-stop talking, the overflow of excitement and zest for being. She…

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