Lifted Up By Love

Powerful and needed words by a amazing writer. Please read and enjoy the words.

From Behind the Pen

Love, Unity, Harmony, Love Is, Poetry by Kym Gordon Moore

History has a way of repeating itself, but with the horrifying events that tend to divide and destroy us, we have the ability to shift the scope of its direction to make this world a better place. This “better place” is not just for us, but for the generations to follow, if we do not succeed in annihilating ourselves first. I don’t know what frame of mind I was in when I wrote the above poem, but I feel it is a constant reminder of what humanity has an obligation to do…to love.

During some turbulent times throughout our history, many recording artists wrote songs to remind us about the joy of love, and not just romantically. Songs of nostalgia like:

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II – You’ll Never Walk Alone
Jackie Wilson – “Higher and Higher (1967)
Dionne Warwick – What The World Needs Now Is Love (1967)

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