It’s Paradise (Spoken word about my land)

Amazing verbal and written poetry. Please read and listen to the talented writer.

It’s paradise.
The waters are clear, the mountains are high and the food is hearty.
And the people, ohh we know how to party.
Every swerve of the hip and sip of Brugal serves as electro shock therapy.
Seizures provide relief from our collective psychiatric illness.
Electroconvulsive therapy, what a controversial psychiatric treatment.
With side effects such as long term memory loss and confusion it helps us live in our illusions.
That the reason why we can’t swim the clear waters is due to its tides, not to our pride.
Or to our belief that hair straighteners, perms, clip-ons and added heat will finally make us white.
So we live on an island that’s made for the people we wish to be.
They swim in our waters without worrying about their mane,
and leave their profits to the Spanish while our people live in famish.
White eggs dissolve our horrid…

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