A new story begin. Monterey


A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part one. The letters.



The letters

Dear Beth
I roamed your Facebook site. You are still so beautiful. I told you  I was okay. I don’t like to publish to the world. I’m tire, so damn tire.  My family is separating from me. This is the proper thing for kids to do. You children must stand alone. Life isn’t so sweet. I work, pay bills and wife does the same. I learn love and need will change. I know people change and depart from your life. I need the sea. I need a lifetime in Monterey. I would not be missed. I still love to write poetry, story and read. My last place to know peace here in Michigan. Life is fair to the all of us. I know you have changed. Lived a complete life. If you have time for me. I would love to come to Monterey. Maybe we can drink the sweet wine promised and some coffee at the sea.
With all my love

Dear Johnnie
Please come to me in  Pacific Grove. I have been dreaming of you. I felt you struggling and I thought you were dead. My friend bought me a computer and she shown me your poetry. Johnnie, life is worthwhile. I dreamed of us. Your lips upon your  my lips, your hands upon my heart. I have lived a good life and I own a home in Pacific Grove. You can see the sea from my bedroom window.  I have read all your poetry and story. The Hemingway death is not a good one.You can’t save yourself, but you can save others with your words and thoughts. The dark poet had became kinder. I feel your fear and regret in your words. My dreams of you seeking death make my dreams become real and I awake with tears. Please Johnnie, come to Monterey. Sometime you begin new life to learn new hope. I love you still. You were  kind and gentle to me and we can find the place again. My address is on the letter and I have given you my phone number on Facebook. With love and concern.

John Castellenas/Coyote