The Dancing, Dying Lilies. A poem by iamnobird94

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.


the_dreams_in_which_i__m_dying_by_mordachai71The dancing, dying Lilies

Into the darkness that engulfs the soul
One choice that could not comply
A tear stained pillow
Take me to the fields of lilies
Whereby I may mourn
Where hope is left to dwindle
And joy is no more.

Thanks for reading my short poem! I hope you liked it, this poem emerged from a lot of pain and I had a lot of inspiration from the wonderful ‘William Wordsworth’ and his beautiful poems. I thought a twist to the nature was needed to describe how I felt. Lillie’s are nicknamed the ‘mourning or death’ flower, they also happen to be my favourites. Sometimes sadness is a necessary emotion, an emotion that must be acknowledged and felt as deeply as any other, we tend to avoid feeling such a raw emotion, preferring happiness or love. This short poem follows the protagonists need to accept their sorrow…

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