–The red dress

The red dress

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good memory become better with time.


                   The red dress

The German summer nights were fair. The Summer festival were alive and well this night. I had the German wine and I was waiting for my German girl by the lake.

The music was loud nearby and the people were celebrating the good wine and strong  booze. I saw her from a distance. Her summer red dress gently blowing in the wind. Perfect body and long blond hair. Left me languishing for her kiss and embrace.

She was my magnificence beauty who honored me with the charity of sweet kiss. She was my wildflower dream I could not control and I was the lucky one. She bestowed a gentle and kind love to a hopeless man.

She came to me. Gave me a embrace and a kiss. I caressed her hair, face and shoulders. I told her she was a divine beauty and the red dress make her tempting and a allusion of perfection. She laughs at my words and she told me.

Johnnie, I’m the lucky one. I’m lost in the asylum of your eyes. You make me have nuptial dreams and not be afraid to discard my fear and disappointment. You showed me laughter and how to be fearless. Not disguise my wants and need. The red dress is for you. I know it make you wild and crazy.

Beneath the summer moon. We made the moon jealous. We danced, laugh and celebrated the days of youth.

I still dream of the quiet lake, the red dress and my perfect beauty.

Coyote/John Castellenas