For one soldier and friend. We must remember the payment for freedom.

A witness to life

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

We must remember friends and family missed. I believe. When we speak or write about them. We bring them back to our hearts and our minds.

                    A witness to life
I didn’t like the military holidays. Bring back memories I was trying to forget.
A old Vietnam Veteran  told me at a Memorial day site for soldiers lost in the new wars. I know you feel the guilt. All of us know the emotion. We feel responsible for good friends not returning home. Some things cannot be changed. You are a witness to a life and you must keep his memory alive and strong.

I stood with two Veterans. A Vietnam Vet and Korean Vet. The graveyard near had the flags standing tall each with the faces of Michigan Soldiers who did not come home. They recognized the sadness in my face. We stood in silence and the Vietnam Vet spoke. We must remember our brothers. Ensure their kids know. They had a good father and we must be the living witness for life for them. We  must stand tall and honor their memory.

I went to my friends grave. I sat with the wildflower near in the silence of the graveyard. I drank one of the Budlights. Left five full cans on my friends grave. I saluted his grave. I told him. I miss your laughter, little Beulah is so big and you are a Grandpa now. The boy looked like you. Thank you my friend for your friendship. I will catch-up one day. We  will gather with the old Soldiers and laugh at the foolishness of youth. I guess the old man was right. We are all “A witness to life”.
Coyote/John Castellenas