One of my teachers. Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A great writer lost too soon.



Ernest Hemingway

When I was young. I wanted to be like Ernest Hemingway. He found peace in war, tropical places and drinking.
He left us with the legacy of loving the women and his suicide.

With old age upon me. It is hard to find the energy to move now. I wondered what Hemingway felt and knew at my age?

I wasn’t no Hemingway. The old wars were more bloody and deadly. Hemingway was a medic in WW1 and a reporter in WW2. He knew what war was.

I saw small wars, tropical places and drank. I loved the woman a lot and still. I did learn how life can lose value and war leave graves of dead men only, to be forgotten. Suicide isn’t easy. Hard on the people left behind.

God taught me young. Suicide isn’t the way to go. I put two brothers into early graves who killed themselves. They fear life more than death. Their life were a empty journey and they held no hope. Their suicide roads left many to mourn.

I learned from a dear Grandmother her view on life. “Live forever and piss-off the people because you won’t die.”

I wished Hemingway had lived. He had so much to tell. His words would of made the world a better place. Today I live for my kids, grandchildren and my family. I’m tire of war and violence.

One day at the Purgatory Inn.  Ernest and I will play a game of chess, drink some whiskey and discuss the foolish actions of men. I hope.

Coyote/John Castellenas