Kiss me

Kiss me

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Just word create by good song.


Kiss me
She had waited a thousand days for him. War and confusion had made their love wait.  They shared a 100 letters. Each letter adding to a bond that could not be broken. She dreamed about a timeless love that would expand and multiply. She prayed he had not forgotten her.

His dreamed of a kind woman, she kept him safe and sound. He remembered the auburn hair beauty and her tender kiss. Kisses so sweet, stole his fear of heartbreak away and the warmth of her  kisses made him dream and come alive again.

He wrote to her.
Dear Julie.
I will be home soon. All I do is think of you. I need to see your beautiful face and hold you close. This time my love. I won’t release you. I hope you still need me. You are finishing college and I have been in Germany for three years. Germany was beautiful and kind to me. I’m tire and need you sweet Julie. If you still need me. Please tell me? I understand love can be hot and cold. I hope for us to create a utopia of love where we are free to discover what life can be and to find you waiting for me with open arms and want.
Love Johnnie

Dear Johnnie
My love. I have written a 100 letters to you. My words to make you remember, I have love you since 1974. I remember how you came to me daily at my work and made me laugh. I remember we danced in the rain and I cherish the nights you held me without demanding everything. You were content with my kiss and my embrace. You honored my request and taught me love can be kind and beautiful. I’m waiting for you. I’m dreaming of your kiss and our long night conversations.  I want us to take long walks in the forest and by the lakes. You are my sweet dream and I’m in Ann arbor waiting for you.
All my love Julie

I sat near the Germany lake. I wrote words for an Angel.

My love, my sweet love, my kind love.
I need you, I need you.  I need your kiss.
Sweet kisses sweeter then the German September  new wine.
I make a wish on the first star of the night.
Sweet Julie. Please don’t forget me. My only sweet dream left.
I’m coming home. I miss you, I miss your kiss and I need your kind words.
I love you sweet and beautiful Julie.

John Castellenas/Coyote