A letter for a confused, frustrated and sad soul

Good words and wisdom shared. All of us need kind words and friendly face.


By: Gabriela Yareliz

Dear confused, frustrated and sad one,

For the person who feels no true joy, I am writing to you. There are people around you who love you. There is at least one; one who would do anything for you to feel valued, worthy, precious and happy. Sometimes the path is dark. We are all human. The path is twisted, unexpected and strange. We end up feeling perplexed and desiring a feeling of relief; and this feeling of relief, we suppose sometimes, comes from resignation or denial.

How do we find out which way we are going? Truly, we never reach a place in life where we have it all figured out. The whole idea is that as time goes by, however, we learn to trust our Guide more and more.

When we don’t know where else to go, don’t fall where others do. They fall into self-pity…

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