Immersed In the Scent of a World Moist With Rain

Amazing words and description of nature. Please read the words of a outstanding writer.

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Immersed In the Scent of a World Moist With Rain

Thoughts Drift Far and Away and Back Again

Soft visions, Rain-Kissed, Tender Memories, Warm Lips

Trans-i-ent Moments of Unity’s Bliss

 Softly…softly the rain misted to the sodden ground

soaking into the earth as if it had found

its final resting place…

a loose and lawless blast of wind

swept in

briefly billowing across my face…

 rich fragrances wafting in  muted light

moist earth, wet forest

a hint of jasmine-scented delight…

…. in the higher reaches

native trees swayed in graceful lullaby

as soft rain wept from the sky;

 vaporous gauze-like morning rain

in wispiest virgin veil

breathing in the cleansing air

I slowly… softly…. exhale….

silence echoes silence

rain whispers through the trees….

a misty moist world

murmurs  peacefully…

 a calmness settles ‘bout me

a feeling of dreamlike quietude

so silent is the moment

the air delicate and smooth….


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