We are Women πŸ’‹

Powerful and good words by a talented writer. Please enjoy the outstanding words and thoughts.

Souldier Girl

Poetry by SG and BB

We are women

for whatever that is worth

We work your body, your minds, your hearts

…and the earth

We have produced life

from the simplest form

Pushed it painfully from our body

loved, and cherished

until it is grown

We are thick skinned

Role reversing without permission

Blood hounds of intuition

Sniffing out the cause and solution

Using our disparities as ammunition

Aiming at the future

With a gut pounding determination

We are the fire

Burning your preconceived notions

We are women

Compassionate creatures
least of course

you demand we show

…our worst features

Loving wholeheartedly

with all that we have

loyal to those

who also, have our backs

Saving the world

one broken heart at a time

Balancing a budget

on the slenderness of a dime

*Thank you BB– you are one amazing woman and yes you are right- us girls need…

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