More poetry for Jack London. “When Gods laughts”

When Gods laughs

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I read Jack London book today “When God laughs.” It is a amazing book.


          Quotes and words from a amazing writer Jack London and friends.

“The gods, the gods are stronger: time Falls down before them, all men’s knee Bow,
all men’s prayers and sorrow climb Like incense toward them: yea, for these gods, Felise”
Harry Cowell

“That is she! Holy as love, and sweeter! Just a woman, made for love: and yet-how shall
I say?-drenched through with holiness as your own air here is with the perfume of flowers.
Well. they married. They played a hand with the gods-”
Jack London

“How to keep the flame-winged lute-player with his dumb eloquence of desire? To feast him was to lose him.
Their love for each other was a great love. Their granaries were overflowing with plenitude: yet they wanted to keep the sharp famine-edge of their love undulled.
Jack London

(My favorite lines so far.)

“But they were wiser. They would not kiss and part. They would not kiss at all, and thus they planned
to stay at Love’s topmost peak.”
Jack London

When God laugh

Man believe he had power over all.
Can control the sun, the river and the wind.
I like the trickery of the Gods.
Allow men to stand and shout how powerful and strong he is.

I believe the Gods are laughing.
Poor foolish man control nothing.
We are blinded by our greed and hate.

Old wisdom need to be held true.
We must pray and seek peace with the Gods.
The Gods do not lose.
Just observers of man’s mishaps and steady fall to foolishness.