__New Hope

New hope

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


We must fight to be alive.


  New Hope

Nature watched the happy faces. There were dancing and singing. The sun was alone in the sky now and the clouds were gone. Old C. watched Mars and Nature. He knew they were not like them in the village. His life was to protect Kelly Alexander. Mars walk to Old C. He question him. Can we save Earth? Old C. answered yes, because for 34 years now we quit polluting the planet. The air is Okay now. Water must be cleaned and sanitized still. The sun and rain is necessary.
The green houses will be necessary till we know the water is safe again.

He looked at Mars. Told him these are the children of the abusers. We  are paying for the sins of a generations of greedy men. With a hopeful heart he smiled. Asked will you help us Mars? We need to protect the girl. Mars touches Old C. face
He felt the cancer.  He told him stand here and called Nature over. Beatrice touched the old man. The  pain become less.
 She told him I can stop the pain for a time. I need you for a little while longer. He smiled and told her. Beautiful Nature you must help us. 

Kelly Alexander sat at Nature feet .Told her of great dreams. She wanted to begin a travel to bring Earth back alive again.
Nature knew this was a dangerous mission for a young girl.She told her wait 6 years. Get stronger and you will be more powerful and do so much more. Six years go by quickly.

Kelly Alexander is tall and beautiful. Her green houses were miles in length. 10,000 people surround the protected area.
 She was taught how to read and write by Old C.  He told her you know all I can teach you. Remember your strength is limited . If you overdo the spirit song and try to heal too large of a area. You can die.

Mars was always close by. He knew Satan was pissed off in hell. Satan only fears War.Because he was the only one with more power then Satan. Beside God.

A sad day in the Village. Old C. died. Kelly Alexander went to the woods and sang. Spirit of life and death. Take my old friend home to safety. The wood Nymphs sat at her feet. Her tears were felt by Nature. Nature came and held her.

 She whispered sweet Angel of life. You will learn so many disappointments. Your life is to save the Earth. Kelly asked is it time for me to begin the healing. Nature told her it is time. Satan is beating down the walls of hell. He wants to know how the Earth was coming alive?

 He felt the pain becoming less. His heart knew Mars was involved. He heard of a girl. He knew she must died.The word of her bringing plant life and forest back alive. Was becoming truth not  myth of magic. Kelly is surrounded by wood Nymphs and workers. She direct them to caress new soil daily. She told the Nymphs less play and more work. The wood Nymphs begin to sing.

Our Angel is going. Our beautiful Kelly please come back alive. Sing with us again please.

Kely decided to go North. Winter has just broken. The soil would be ready to be rebirth. She used her spirit song. Awoke all the apple trees surrounding the village. The apple blossoms were a beautiful site to see. The village came out to say goodbye. She told them don’t be sad. Remember me by seeing the birth of apples.Your valley is alive again.

With Mars and two strong young men they travel by horse. The roads were not good enought for cars. The first Village was dark and dirty. A few people came out looking weak and sickly. Kelly looked to old farms and empties fields where corn once grew. She went to the field. Singing and dancing.

Mars thought she was so beautiful. She sangs kind earth come alive again. Please feel the heat of life. Com alive and touch the sky and the sun.

 She fell to the ground and caressed the soil. The Wood Nymphs appears and dance around her. She touched dead branches of trees.The trees came alive.

Mars felt something was wrong. Mars went to Kelly. She stops and begin to fall. He caught her as she fell into his arms weak and limp. The village people were laughting and  than  crying. The Earth was coming alive. Green buds of life were everywhere. They came to Mars and Kelly giving thanks.Mars was in shock. Kelly didn’t wake up.