One of my old short stories. Nature’s grieve

Nature’s grieves   (Chapter one)
(Wrote for baby girl in 1996)wild flower
She sat alone on top of Himalayas and her flowing long brown hair covered her face. Her tears have rained on Earth since the nuclear bombs were set off by the India/Pakistan war of 2018.  Beginning the deadly rain. Dropping acid rain killing all the agriculture throughout the Earth.

Today is the 1st day of 2038.  Earth has become dark, lonely and a cold place. The land was dying. The hope for the few humans left was becoming less and less with each day.The wind brought the disease and sickness to every corner of the Earth.

The once green Earth was black and dirty. Water was polluted and man hunger to destroy Earth was at bay. Death was peace for the lucky. Ninety five per cent of Earth population was dead. Only the young and strong still has the ability to live now. The old ones died first. The radiation was a terrible death. The body rotted from the inside.The hope and dreams of yesterday was forgotten. Now to live another day was a small miracle.

The Goddess Nature has retire to the mountain after the battle to save Earth was lost in 2034. She only cries, leaving soft drops of her tears falling everywhere. She cannot stop. Man has abused and destroyed the beautiful green Earth. He polluted the great seas and killed off the animals who roam the  Earth. She prayed and wished God would help her.
The answer was silence. She raises her beautiful face and cries out. Please help the people of the Earth.

Satan was pleased. He was wanting for the end. He saw his victory. He sat in Hell waiting for the last of the humans to join him. Mars was resting in Hell. Satan gave him a place to keep an eye on him.

 Mars tried to sleep but the memories of wars tormented his soul. He watched overbearing nations create wars to test new weapons. Use children to fight wars. He watched slaughtering of innocence people and children.He dreams he was standing in the middle of a battle. Boys of 12 years old killing like rabid dogs. He fell holding a child and cries to God.
 Why is this happening? Silence was his answer. He went to hell and rested.

An old beat up building with two people sitting by a fire. The woman is sick. The man Jason was young. He looked outside.
 The rain has fell everyday of his life. The rain was a curse. It killed off all the food and drinking water. He couldn’t remember a day when it didn’t rain. He wished to see the sun once before he died.Jason hold his wife hands. Her labor was difficult. She held her baby. They named her Kelly Alexander. The child looked peaceful. His wife was sickly and he knew her time was fading quickly.

Jason looked to the sky. He asked God. I know you have forgotten us. Please help my wife and give us a chance. He knew they were wasted words he said daily.He never knew his parent. He was raised by Mr. C. He was one of the few old ones left. Old C. would tell them stories of when food was bought in stores and water came out of sinks clean and tasty.
Now death was quick. The old dreams of yesterday now didn’t mean too much. They were far away.

A man with powerful legs and dressed in white. He walked toward the shack. He knew he has to knock softly. The world was a terrible place and fear could cause problems.He knocked softly on the door. Jason awoke and ran for his shotgun.
 He goes to the door and ask who is there? He looked out and saw a large man dressed in white.The man asked him could he share the fire? He has food to share and water to drink. Jason knew not to allow stranger in, but food and water was difficult to get. His baby and wife needed the food. He opened the door and He pointed the weapon at the man.

The man was clean and dressed in white. He thought he must be a soldier. His shoes were clean. Jason knew only the soldiers has vehicle and food now. The bandits got food on occasion, but they would not share with the poor and sick.
The man smile and thank him for allowing him in and he offered bags of fruit and potatoes. The wife got up and took the bags to the kitchen. Jason put the shotgun down close by. She whispered thank you so much stranger. She offered to cook.
 He told her she was sick. Please rest and I am Okay.

 He told her the fire was what he needed. Jason introduce himself and his wife Angela. He pointed toward the baby. That is Kelly Alexander.The man asked Jason could he hold the child. He was so happy with the food and water. He allowed it.
 The man ask Angela to come to him. He touched her face and  he reached into his pocket.He gave her a bottle of medicine. He tolds her you need to be strong to take care of your child. Please take the medicine. The medicine will kill the affection in your body.

The man pick up Kelly Alexander and sang to her.
“Your hands and spirit will bring life back to  Earth.
You will be the shining star to awake a new world. “
He handed the baby back to Angela. He told Jason. Please walk 50 yards in front of your shack. Dig 50 feet. Ensure you protect and cover it. The water  will be clean. Jason thought he was a medicine man.He told him Okay. He begins to fear him now. The man stood up and he touched the baby face and he whispered. “ You are the hands and spirit of a new day my Angel.”

 He thanks Jason, left the shack and he disappeared into the night.