Part two of Nature grieve. “The rise of Mars”

Rise of Mars

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

Need strength and wisdom to change a world


Rise of Mars

Mars has been trying to sleep.The nightmares got worst. He dreamed he was standing in Somalia.The wars were being fought with woman and children. Torture of non-soldiers, just babies and innocence woman being killed. Raping and violence all around him. He started swinging his sword killing and killing. He falled down and cries out. What is this shit Lord? Then on the sad day. When two nuclear powers started the end of Earth with the bombs. He escaped and hid in hell. Satan welcomed him  with open arms. To keep  Mars at bay will ensure his plan would be complete soon..

Nature roamed the Earth for 10 years. Seeing no hope in sight. She goes to her mountains and waits for the end. She dreams the wood Nymphs were singing at morning at dawn. Their songs were so beautiful. She wondered what happen  to the wood Nymphs and sea Nymphs?

Satan was ready to celebrate victory. He saw no way possible for him to lose. His deal with God works out. Neither was to get involved. He did and his victory would be his profit.Mars was awoken by too much noise. He stood up and swings his sword. He yelled shut up, please shut up please.  He was alone. The song was a memory. He decided to follow  the music.

 Kelly Alexander is 10 years old. She was surrounded by the wood Nymphs. They sang to the little girl playing in the dirt. The wood Nymphs touch the dead trees and green appears. Kelly laughed and caressed the soil. Her  hands brought life to the dead soil.Years ago she escaped and her father found her at 1 years old.  Playing in the dirt and she was surrounded by live plant life. The town protects her now. Her green houses are protected by cover.

Kelly sang her spirit song and the plants grew. The food for the small village. Mars appeared in front of the wood Nymphs swinging his sword. They ran behind Kelly Alexander. Kelly wanted to scream thinking he was a bandit wanting to rob her.
He stopped and could not believe. He was in a Green house. Filled of plant life. He looked outside and saw people coming to protect Kelly. He put down his sword and caressed the soil. He asked her was she an angel?  Kelly smiled and laughed.
She goes to Mar and she touched his face. She told him I’m Kelly Alexander. Who are you giant man? He whispered I’m Mars.Tears begin to fall down his face. He felt hope for the first time in many years.

 The Village people surrounded Mars. Kelly told  them this was her friend. He was Mars. Jason show him the small village.
Told him of a strange man who gave them food and showed them where to find water. Jason told Mars we were alone. Then, every day more people showed up. We are Okay. The Green houses are limited. We need the sun?

Nature is feeling weak with sadness. She heard a whisper. Sweet Beatrice look at me my love. She sees Mars standing over her. She asked where have you been? He told her. I was hiding in hell waiting for the end. She looked to the sky and she .
whispered won’t be long till all Earth is dead. Mars took her hand. and he told her Earth is not dead yet. He kissed her forehead and he told her . My Beatrice I must show you an Angel.

Mars and Nature walk hand in hand. The wood nymphs sang our Goddess is with us. Our beauty has returns. They dance around her. She asked how can this happen? Mars asked Kelly Alexander to come forward. Kelly is afraid of Nature. Nature is tall and her long brown hair shine like the sun. Her blue eyes were like a clear ocean blue. She goes to Kelly and touched her face. Nature smiled and thank God for the gift of life. She looked at Mars.

She told  him the child must be protected. She is the gift of life. Kelly looked up at her and she.told Nature I got a story to tell you.

Nature walked with the village people.The clouds began to desperse. Everyone stops and cries out. The sun is shining. Jason wishes Angela was here to see this day.